You might find yourself asking, “Why should I spend money on a wedding video when all I need is a photographer?”  The answer is somewhat simple however, very complex.

Speaking from my own personal experience, hiring a wedding videographer was one of the best decisions I ever made! My wife and I have been married going on 21 years and like you might imagine, over time we have lost some of our loved ones.  More recently, I lost my dear mom after her struggle with Alzheimer’s.  Although losing her has been difficult, I cherish the memories I have of her throughout the years.  My mom was an intricate part of my wedding and it brought her such joy to be able to participate in our special day.  Since my wife and I had the foresight to capture our wedding on video, I am able to relive those special moments from that glorious day through the medium of moving pictures with sound.  Also, my children can experience the magic of the day and see their grandmother in all of her glory!  This to me is priceless and can never be replaced!

Having a photographer on hand to take still pictures of your wedding day is truly important, don’t get me wrong.  However, If you must choose between one or the other due to budget constraints, You should definitely spend your money on hiring a professional videographer.  There is no comparison between watching the video and reliving the day with motion and sound compared to staring at old photos, no comparison at all!  If your budget does not allow for both a photographer, as well as, a videographer then consider the following options:

  1. Ask a friend who is a professional photographer
  2. Designate two or more friends or family who are good with cameras and taking pictures
  3. Check with your local school / college and hire a photography student
  4. Have disposable cameras available at your reception for guests to take pictures (most won’t be very good but some will be outstanding!)
  5. Check with your videographer and see if they offer a bundle package which includes both video and photography

Reliving my vows and watching my mom dancing with me at my reception after all of these years is priceless!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, hire a wedding videographer, you’ll be glad you did!

Professional Wedding Videography

A beautiful Wedding at Roaring Camp

There are many beautiful and unique venues for weddings but among the best is Roaring Camp in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.  Not only is is gorgeous but the Staff is terrific and make sure you and your guests are well taken care of.  Please click on the link below and see how charming this location is!

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Wedding planning can be very stressful. The last thing either the bride or groom need is to be up-tight during their wedding. One great way to combat the pre-wedding stress is by indulging in a complete body massage. There is no better way to unwind and for a limited time, you can get a FREE one hour massage for two from Agape Day Spa with the purchase of any wedding videography package from Reel McCoy Productions. So, what are you waiting for? Relax, unwind and get yourself ready to say, “I do”!

Now that you’re engaged, the planning begins! Planning out all of the details for your special day is a lot of fun but it can also be stressful. You will want to make a list of all of the things that are important to you to use as a guide. One of the most important decisions you’re faced with is the venue or wedding location. Do you want to get married outside, or in a church, synagogue, temple, etc. Once the decision has been made, you will need to familiarize yourself with the venue’s policies. Knowing these policies and guidelines are of the utmost importance when hiring a photographer and videographer. Many churches etc. have policies on where the photography and video team can set up and actually be during the ceremony. Not being familiar with this ahead of time can cause problems as your visual team may not be granted access to certain areas which may result in poor quality pictures and video. If the photographer and videographer are informed ahead of time, they will be able to adjust and modify their shots to provide you with the best quality images they can. Your team will appreciate the advanced notice and you will be much happier with the outcome

As an artist in the wedding videography field, there are many liberties that I will take regarding my approach to produce the best quality video I can. I look at every aspect and angle while considering the bride’s wishes and desires. My creativity is merely expanded upon and embellished by the bride’s vision of her perfectly romantic day.
Creating a wedding video which flows nicely and captures the warmth and tenderness is of the utmost importance. This is carried out by capturing the smallest details to the all-important “first kiss”. My goal in this process is to produce a wedding video which is unique and clearly presents the magic and intimacy of the day. From the sights to the sounds, the viewer of my wedding videos feels and experiences the wedding as if they were there. Additionally, this proves to be magical for the bride and groom as they watch their video for the first time and see all of the amazing things they may have missed throughout that special day.

If you are considering hiring a wedding Videographer, Please consider Reel McCoy Productions. You won’t be disappointed! 408-761-5530,,

Happy Valentine’s Day from Reel McCoy Productions!

If you are one of the many fortunate ones to become engaged on this romantic holiday, please consider wedding videography by Reel McCoy Productions.

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Like everything else in the wedding industry, there are many choices when it comes to selecting a videographer to capture your special day. The important thing to consider is your budget and the amount of coverage you think you might need. Videographers typically offer packages which include a specified number of hours of coverage at the wedding and the reception. When considering whether or not to hire a specific videographer, It is important that you discuss your coverage needs and make sure that the coverage they provide will be sufficient for you. It is also important to choose a videographer who is flexible and easy to work with. You certainly do not need the added stress of a videographer who is inflexible and uncooperative! Another consideration is the intimacy of the wedding and the distraction that a videographer might impose. You will want to consider your guests in this regard as some videographers can be very aggressive and will stand at the alter to get good close-up shots; This can be very distracting and is very irritating to the guests. Additionally, it is important to know the policies of the church or venue where the wedding will take place as many of them will not allow cameras in certain areas which will affect the coverage you may have wanted. Lastly, it is very important to choose a videographer that primarily focuses on weddings. If their specialty is weddings, they will have a good understanding of what to expect and the appropriate shots to get.  A good wedding videographer understands the importance of the day and wants to capture and highlight the day to the fullest extent that he/she can.  Good luck in your search and please consider Reel McCoy Productions in the process.